Campaign 2 – Episode 9

Original game date: January 13, 2018

The caravan passes through the village of Graingate, at the entrance to the Greenfields before journeying on to the city of Greenest, their next major destination and the place where an emissary of the Harpers (representing them and the Emerald Enclave) is to make an approach to Valentin Cormarose to turn on the Cult of the Dragon.


A small town with a low stone wall and a largely symbolic gate on the far side that marks the entrance to the Greenfields. Largely a farming community, with wild turkeys and pheasants a major industry. The mayor is Tilsa Snowdon, a middle-aged human female who wears an apron of office. The town clerk is a male halfling named Jespin Wheatlock. The Green Guard assigned to the town are halflings, lead by Arlen Bristlestock who is desperate to keep the calm.

There are signs of recent construction of a wooden palisade, and a tension amongst the populace. Word of attacks/pillaging in towns to the south, the mayor worries it is only a matter of time until Graingate is placed in danger. Many have already left for the safety of Greenest, the most populous city in the area.

Arlen comes to the inn to speak with Pavel, and makes conversation with everyone, wanting to learn news from the road. Very concerned about raids.

The caravan has lodgings at The Harvest Moon tavern and inn, which has rooms for humans and halflings. Owned by a human male named Hugh Traveler. It is tidy and clean.

Aesar catches Roark Kincaid and Zora Fel having an intimate moment. As she leaves, he tells Aesar to watch out for that woman.

On the eve of arriving in Greenest, all the factions have eyes on Kubrick Dragonstone as he enters the room; if he notices he gives no sign.

The Stone Child

A father named Zekial from an outlying farm races into town bearing the stone form of a young boy, his son Jeremiah. It is the third such incident recently, owing to a growing colony of cockatrices.

Mother June offers healing potions in exchange for dealing with the creatures and the party agrees.

Journeying out into the fields, the party discovers a warren of cockatrices, one of which has grown unnaturally large.

Calm Before the Storm

The last night in Graingate features a party, with chances to socialize and let loose after the horrors of the previous week.

A Toffolo Visits

Toffolo the Toymaker appears to Ander in an astral projection. The Star Chamber have learned that the Harpers and the Emerald Enclave have launched a joint venture to try and turn Valentin Cormarose, to make him an offer of assistance in his dispute with the so-called new guard of the Cult. It is vital that the Star Chamber know what happens at the meeting, which will likely be protected from scrying. The Emerald Enclave clearly learned something from Valentin’s voyage to the Misty Forest, so Ander should see if he can find out what that was.

As Toffolo leaves, Ander catches a glimpse of a little girl in the corner, also astral in form, spying on them but she leaves at nearly the same time.

Arrival in Greenest

A sprawling farm city, bucolic but with signs of industry and trade. Many inns and warehouses. The town is festive, festooned with coloured flags. They are enjoying the biennial Field Games, with events all around the town center.

The Field Games

When they arrive, a large biennial event is taking place – the Field Games (physical challenges – log tossing, dragging bails of hay, etc). Around the event there are more ‘family friendly’ competitions (three-legged race, arm wrestling, etc), as well as archery and ‘rodeo’ activities.

The Golden Tankard

The Mazmanians are booked in at an inn owned by the family and run by Ludmilla Mazmanian called The Golden Tankard. Ludmilla is Pavel’s cousin, though she is considerably older at 62. She has two daughters and twin sons – their paintings are proudly displayed on the mantle, though they are all grown and working elsewhere (daughter Natalia has an inn in Elturel, the others are traders).

Pavel Mazmanian thanks the party for all their efforts so far while paying them 15gp. He gives them a 10gp bonus. Encourages the party to enjoy the Field Games while they spend a few days in Greenest.

Sylla & Vorai

In the middle of the night, on the first night in Greenest, Sylla Belfal confronts Vorai after tranquilizing his bunkmate. I think it’s past time we had a chat…

She explains that he’s being played for a fool, an old gambit, and that Mortimer Splatz has no intention of recruiting him, or even any ability to do so. In the event of his success, he will be killed; should he fail, nothing ties Vorai to him or the Zhentarim. She explains Zhentarim tokens, and Recruiter marks. She has been sanctioned to recruit and recruits Vorai into the Black Network, tossing him a Zentarim mark. She also explains Patron marks.

She has been ordered to abduct Valentin Cormarose before he can meet with the Harpers/Enclave Emissary. Their gambit is not without merit, but they are fools if they think a Dragon Cultist will listen to a Harper agent. Now the Zhentarim, we he may listen to.

She tells Vorai that she will take care of it, he is just to make sure that none of the other factions interfere. She suspects that Saul has been recruited to the Emerald Enclave, and Aesar possibly working with the Harpers.

Sylla also tells Vorai to kill Mortimer Splatz on his return to Baldur’s Gate.

He has two magical rings he likes to wear, one you will deliver to me when next we meet, and the other you may keep.

The Dragon Strikes

The party and the caravan settle in for a night of relaxation and contemplate the Field Games. The evening passes uneventfully and everyone heads to bed. An hour before dawn, the Cult of the Dragon launches a major assault on Greenest.

The party awakes to the sound of screams in the near distance and sounds of battle. Pouring out into the street, the party sees fires around the town and kobolds and dragon cultists in organized gangs marauding through the city.

A sudden whooshing sound alarts them to the descending presence of a huge blue dragon, Lennithon, as it makes a lunging grab and picks up Dawnstalker – before it disappears into the black night sky it issues a terrible roar. Terrified, Grellosh and Aesar flee northward into the city streets, Vorai flees eastward, while Saul and Ander are left standing stunned as their goliath friend disappears from sight, their friends lost in the frenzied crowds.

Lennithon swoops down on Greenest

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