Campaign 2 – Episode 8

Original game date: December 9, 2017

A Long Rest

The caravan hunkers down, with scouts and guards posted on the walls while the party and their allies manage to get a long rest.

The Bloody Barons Arrive

After seven hours, horns are sounded in alarm as the wights Tromaz and Zarmot lead their forces against the Caravansary. They lead 20 zombies (including The Burgundy and his men) as well as 20 Twig Blights, 6 Vine Blights and 10 Needle Blights. They are not accompanied by Mordreda, their Lich mother, who remains behind at the cavern with the Gulthias Seed.

Tromaz calls out to the mortals hiding inside – cowards all! Thieves who hide behind your pointed masks, you will pay for your audacity. I am Tromaz, Baron of the House Kalactin. I will see that my family’s Crown Jewels are returned, but for that I require loyal soldiers (gesturing to the zombies). If they negotiate he offers to take only their old and lame.

A great battle ensues with the party pushed to the limit. From the ramparts, Saul declares himself the King of Sable.

Enclave Business

In the aftermath Odessa and Hambert argue about who is to remain and keep an eye on things, with a potentially sorceress lich and the seed still at large. Hambert is scared of the responsibility, he had been so happy to be retired. Odessa is more powerful and remains, Hambert will need to see Valentin Cormarose safely to his meeting with the Harper’s emissary in Greenest. Odessa asks Saul to keep an eye on her husband.

On the Road Again

After the horrors of the night before, everyone is relieved to get underway. Traveling at high alert until they are out of the vicinity of the cairns. One night is spent camping out and then the next stop is the town of Graingate.

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