Campaign 2 – Episode 42

Original game date: January 4, 2020

The game resumes with the party still down in the Tomb of Horrors, taking stock of their newfound riches.

Having located a door out of this section of the Tomb, they give in to temptation and decide to explore the two small square rooms they sealed off within the Pillared Throne Room. The first proves empty, but the second contains a surprise. Saul discovers a corpse with a large amethyst in its eye and goes to claim the gem. This causes the corpse to rise up as a Mummy Lord!

A tense scrap ensues, with the party fortunate to fall on their powerful foe unprepared, with Vorai tearing into it viciously.

Fortune’s Irregulars are victorious and the amethyst is claimed.

Catching a Flight to Silverymoon

The party finally makes their way back to the surface, where they find that the Glorious Vanguard have departed, with only their dwarf guides remaining behind and packing up. The dwarfs want no trouble and offer the party the use of the thick ropes they used to climb down into the Vale of Arnoch.

They make their way back to The Shining Path roadhouse, where the airship Peregrine awaits theem. They make some quick farewells and then take off. On their way out they spot another airship in the distance, taking to the air and heading south. The ship is much larger than The Peregrine and appears to have cannons. Captain Kaelyn Starcaster identifies it as a Frigate class airship by the same company that manufactured The Peregrine, Cormorant Shipworks. The frigate displays the standard of The Golden Vanguard and is named The Rapscallion.

Captain Kaelyn gives Aesar a Cormorant Shipworks catalogue and tells him to mention her name if he ever buys one. They have offices in Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate but you need to head down to Lantan to pick them up.

Ander’s Nocturnal Visitation

Aboard the Peregrine, Ander is slipping into a deep sleep when he is stirred into a semi-conscious state by the arrival of a peculiar figure, announced by a ‘pop’ sound that brings flashes of memory of The Break in Time that he witnessed. A diminutive toga-clad figure with a pair of angel wings enters the room, he looks like cupid but with a dark five o’clock shadow and a belly that suggests a beergut.

Hap, would you get over here, we gotta get in and outta here fast. We can’t be dilly dallying.

A deep, somewhat goofy voice replies:

B… bu..but we aren’t s’possed to apparate on the material, Kis. You know, Protocol 7.

The strange cherub shoots back:

Oh, by all that’s holy Hap, wouldya just apparate already. They kicked you out, whadya care bout their rules. C’mon, we need to figure out what’s gone gonzo here. Now whadaya make of this?

There is another ‘pop’ sound and a second strange figure appears – a humanoid hound dog with deep reddish-brown skin and a large set of angel wings. He sports a studded collar around his neck, but half the nameplate is wrapped in twine and only three letters appear – HAP.

She looks normal, kinda pretty even, I guess. Jawline’s a little weak, haircut’s a bit masculine. I’d say a solid 7… 6 maybe.

Kis flutters across the bed and comes to hover an inch above Ander’s chest.

Well shit. Look at the tits on him. Fuck if this doesn’t shuffle the deck.

Hap comes closer and stairs down at Ander.

Oh! Right, he was a male one. That’s weird. Guess we best let The Big Guy know.

Kis cups one of Ander’s breasts and gives it a squeeze.

He’ll prob’ly get a kick outta it. [sighing] What do ya reckon the odds are now that this one survives, Hap?

Ain’t looking good, Kis, ain’t looking good. And fuck if I don’t got a lot riding on him. Now come on, we best be off before the Chorus shows up.

You worry too much Hap… It’ll be fine.

They leave, and Ander comes fully awake.

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