Campaign 2 – Episode 7


Original game date: November 11, 2017

Returning to the caravansary, the party comes across more Blights, these ones carrying Rufus Wainwright from the caravan.

When they return to the caravan they find it under attack by Blights and zombies lead by a ghoul, Lugo, a strapping brute who was the Barons’ champion and executioner in life.

From the outside of the caravansary, Lugo presides with his three skeletal dogs, overlooking the operation. The open gate is held by Blights, with smaller Twig Blights and one Blight emerging bearing captives.

From inside, sounds of battle. Rudolfo Berenz and his guards had tried to flee and are now entangled in vines and being heavily assaulted by Blights.

Several of the halfling children, Rob and Jane (two of the camp boys), and the goblin Drog have been carried about 80 feet from the gate.

Ebenezer and his dogs are hard pressed by Twig Blights advancing on the sheep. Lugo is annoyed too, as he does not care about livestock. If not otherwise engaged, he advances on the scene.

At the gate, Carlotta Forila is dragged out, followed by an incensed and half-dressed Hallmund Grimmarson and then Dawnstalker, who plants himself in the gateway.

Inside the caravansary:
Sylla Belfal and the female bodyguards hold off Blights, Sylla is a blur.

Loch Dundarion and Birch fight back to back, Loch smiting and holding back the hoard.


The members of the caravan are relieved to be alive and huddle within the caravansary. Pavel Mazmanian and Henrik Rivers are surprised to find the place looted, Blights and Zombies not known for such behaviour. The party realizes they have robbed their allies and begin to feel guilty and figure out a way to ‘find’ some of the loot in the forest later.

Everyone is scared but with night coming they decide to remain within the caravansary for the night, with everyone on high alert.

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