Campaign 2 – Episode 10

Original game date: February 10, 2018

As the game resumes, the party is under attack by the Cult of the Dragon and an adult blue dragon in the city of Greenest. The dragon, Lennithon, has carried off Dawnstalker and its frightful presence has scattered the party and left them split.

Group 1 – Outside the Golden Tavern

Saul, Ander, Hallmund Grimmarson, and Ebenezer from the caravan held their nerve under the frightful presence; a number of civilians huddle and hide nearby completely paralyzed by fear. A mounted Dragonclaw cultist accompanied by 20 kobolds approaches and dispatches 10 kobolds to attack them. He uses the rest as reinforcements.

Saul sees the silhouette of the dragon against the moon, still with Dawnstalker in its claws until he drops him from a great height.

After defeating their enemies, Saul heads east and Ander heads north.

Group 2 – Several Blocks North

Aesar, Grellosh, Roark, Urt and Drog from the caravan. As they stop their panicked run, they turn back toward the Golden Tavern and find their path cut off by a Dragonclaw cultist, accompanied by a Kobold Inventor, and 6 Kobolds.

The battle is engaged, the Inventor proving itself a surprising opponent. From out of the midst of the enemy a new figure emerges, clad in the mask of a cultist but wearing a charcoal cowboy had, the drow gunslinger shoots and assassinates Roark Kincaid with a Finger of Death bullet. He then tosses the mask aside, revealing his drow nature and disappearing into the crowd.

As he dies, Roark grabs Aesar and presses his walking stick into his hand, desperately whispering his last words:

Herald’s Holdfast… 39 Steps… White daffodil…

Within Roark’s walking stickWand of Secrets, letter of recommendation for Aesar’s entry into Herald’s Holdfast, a tear-stained, encrypted love letter from Z, 3 scrolls (Find Familiar, Knock, Leomund’s Tiny Hut), a bank note for the Royal Bank of Silverymoon for 1000gp, and a broken stubby key.

Group 3 – East of the Golden Tankard

Vorai finds himself next to Henrik Rivers, the two of them facing the freshly crashed Traveling Show cart from the caravan. Erevan Moonbrook jumped free in time and is dusting himself off. Bela Crazparov is pinned beneath the caravan and badly injured, his brother Kulik is standing over him. Nearby is a town square, where two Kobold Dragonshields on Guard Drakes are spotted guarding a large flatbed cart pulled by two enormous oxen. As many as 50 Kobolds scurry around the square as they begin looting stores and tossing booty onto the cart. Ten kobolds are ordered to attack Vorai’s party.

As Vorai fights off the Dragonshields, he witnesses a scene in the distance down the open street. Valentin Cormarose is walking away from the melee and Sylla Belfal emerges to confront and try to abduct Cormarose. Before she gets very far, Hambert Clearfield appears out of nowhere and interferes. Sylla can be seen arguing withim angrily while Cormarose laughs at them both and then launches a fireball.

Saul arrives in the area and attempts to commandeer the slow-moving loot wagon. He gets a reprieve when a company of the halfling town guard appear on the roofs of several buildings and rain arrows down on the kobolds.

Vorai is making his way toward Sylla when he spots Lennithon soaring downward out of the sky and making a line directly for the street and square. Valentin smirks and teleports away. Lightning crackles in its open maw as it unleashes a scorching trench of electrical energy. Hambert Clearfield is incinerated and Erevan Moonbrook dies. Vorai is clipped by the edge of the blast and after sees no sign of Sylla anywhere.

A Long Night

Frulam Momdath

The party fights off the invaders as they protect and shepherd villagers to the relative safety of The Keep. As dawn approaches, Lennithon steps up its sweeping breath attacks on the city, sending ever more panicked villagers toward the keep, as though herding them. Finally it lets loose several scorching breaths against The Keep itself, clearing its walls.

With the light of dawn, the dragon relents, though the sound of looting continues as the kobolds and cultists make one last grab before readying to leave.

The dragon approaches, flying lazily over several figures who step up to the periphery of the keep. The cult leader, Frulam Mondath, is present, accompanied by two Half-Dragons, one blue (Langdedrosa Cyanwrath), and one black (Rezmir). Four prisoners are pushed before them, one of whom is Juniper Harlow from the caravan.

Langderosa Cyanwrath steps forward and issues a challenge:

Defenders of Greenest! This has been a successful night, and I am feeling generous. Do you see these four pitiful, useless prisoners? We have no need of them, so I will trade them back to you. Send out your best warrior to fight me, and you can have these four in exchange.

An injured Loch Dundarrion steps forward and engages in a short fierce battle, but he is unable to overcome is opponent. Cyanwrath pronounces himself impressed with his opponent’s mettle and spares his life. The cult withdraws from the city as the survivors breathe a sigh of relief and collapse into a long rest.

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