Campaign 2 – Episode 30

Original game date: April 13, 2019

Among the Goliaths

Looting the bodies of the two Frost Giants, they discover the following:

Oathbow, Cold Iron Axe (on a hit, DC 15 CON save or lose 1 point of CON), Ice Knife Arrow, Arrow of Dragonslaying; gold torque worth 500gp.

After the encounter only 3 of the original 6 goliath scouts remain, lead by Wolfrunner, Dawnstalker’s cousin, who helped to drive off the giants. He says that Dawnstalker should not have returned, but it is good to see he is well.

The approaching squad of Goliaths is led by Wolfrunner’s dad and Dawnstalker’s uncle, Foecrusher. Foecrusher is not happy to see Dawnstalker, calling him a child of ill-omen. Foecrusher can identify Brigitta the Huntmaiden as a favoured daughter of King Vigroth. When he sees her, he says Dawnstalker may have already brought disaster.

The party is lead to their village (massive log cabins) and on the approach are confronted by an enormous old grizzly bear who sniffs them all over before shifting into the form of an old female Goliath, Soul-tender. They are permitted to rest the evening but must be gone with the dawn light.

They are provided lodging in the Threadtwister Homestead, an immense cabin scaled to size for goliaths, and given the freedom to explore the village. Saul ends up getting caught up in a contest with some goliath children.

Dawnstalker’s family is spotted (with common tattoos, but they pointedly ignore him). Later in the day, Dawnstalker is called away to be questioned by his people.

A Trial of Strength

The party is brought to the town square, where they learn that Dawnstalker must face a trial for having broken his exile. He demands a trial of strength against his uncle Foecrusher. His uncle agrees, but names a champion to fight on his behalf – his son Wolfrunner, whose rash actions against the daughter of King Vigroth may have brought war to their people.

The two goliaths fight, but Dawnstalker refuses to kill his cousin, challenging Foecrusher that if he wants his son dead, he’ll have to do it himself. The tribe’s chief is enraged, but Soul-Tender intervenes and declares the trial complete.

Wolfrunner leaves with Fortune’s Irregulars, vowing to find his strength and return to reclaim the tribe.

The Truth of Names

Dawnstalker explains that among his people, auguries are taken with each birth, and sometimes a child is born under a bad omen. Such children are shunned by their families and given to the Shamans to raise. Dawnstalker spent his childhood with Soul-tender. When they reach the age of majority, omens are taken again to see if the threat has passed. If the omen holds, the Goliath is exiled. Dawnstalker knows that he passed his second testing, but that Soul-tender knew his uncle Foecrusher did not wish to see his brother with a male child, and that his life was in danger. So, she cast him out because she loved him as her own.

Ultimately, he confides his true name (Family Name and Birth Name) to his new friends. Birth names are only used among the Goliath, and family names are only known to members of the family (in reality they may be known by others but are never spoken aloud by others). Dawnstalker’s true name is Manneo Ogalakanu.

Descent to Silverymoon

The party descends the rest of the mountain and get their first sight of the famous city of Silverymoon and the great Moonwood beyond. Two small dwarf armies camped around the city, bearing the coats of arms of Battlehammer and Bouldershoulder.


A patrol of Knights in Silver, mainly elves, greets them, led by Captain Dina Dessielle. She is guarded but not hostile, takes them for adventures (a not uncommon occurence in Silverymoon). Can provide some guidance on the city and what’s going on – the main news being an upcoming Peace Conference to try and avoid any further escalations in the imminent dwarf civil war.

The city is divided into two sections, Northbank and Southbank, divided by the River Rauvin. Northbank is the older section of the city. It is shaped roughly like a half-circle and has three gates in its wall at west, north, and east. A large area known as the Market divides Northbank west and east, cutting from the wall to the Docks at the river. There are many shops around the Docks. The High Palace is located on the eastern side of Northbank, just inside the walls. Most places of worship and the houses of the nobles were also located on the eastern side. Herald’s Holdfast is in the western side of Northbank.

The Silver Shield

Arriving in the city proper, the party makes their way through town and to the edge of the famous Moonbridge. Nearby there is an inn named The Silver Shield where they decide to take rooms. The establishment is owned by Mintar Steel, a red-bearded dwarf, but run by the gregarious Abbilonia Marthain (a large blond, buxom woman). Olbryn Barrowshield (the Diplomatic Representative of Mithril Hall) is currently staying at the inn along with an entourage. Abbilonia is thrilled to get first dibs on a newly arrived bard (Aesar) on his way to Herald’s Holdfast. In exchange for a discount on the party’s room and board, Aesar agrees to perform.

As night falls, they cross the Moonbridge and explore some of Northbank, eventually finding their way to The Jaunty Apothocary.

The Jaunty Apothecary

A famous tavern and inn where the best students from Herald’s Holdfast are often invited to perform. Owned by Vasko (a purple tiefling), a known Harper Agent and his wife Ivory (an albino tiefling). There is a potions shop attached to the Inn, which Ivory runs. She also serves up magical cocktails that shimmer, fizz, smoke and change colour.

Vasko and Ivory were both friends with Roark Kincaid, and are saddened to learn of his death. Vasko performs a moving elegy to his fallen friend. Vasko tells Aesar that if he gains entry to the Holdfast, he must come back and perform.

The party decides they would prefer to take up residence in The Apothecary, and Aesar must return to the Silver Shield and apologize to Abbilonia Marthain, who extracts a promise of several performances from him.

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