Campaign 2 – Episode 29

Original game date: March 23, 2019

The game resumes with the Fortune’s Irregulars making their way down Mount Glaedyr in the Nether Mountains, making towards the city of Silverymoon.

The Hunter or the Prey?

Dawnstalker can ‘ranger’ them through the worst and make a camp. He makes a large bow and hunts for food, using the skins to make quick and uncured cloaks to keep them warm. Traveling hard in the frozen north, foraging & hunting.

They are stalked by Brigitta, a Frost Giant huntress. She sends a pack of bugbears against them in the night to test their mettle. As the sun rises, she fires some arrows from distance, including one that dispels the magic dome under which the party rests. She blows a horn, that is answered by two others (one in the near distance and one far away) as she releases 3 Winter Wolves and pack of 8 Dire Wolves. Her tactic is to harry and chase the party, preventing them from resting, until reinforcements arrive.

Successive waves of dire wolves, Winter Wolves, and bugbears attack as the party careens down the mountain at speed, cutting away from their downward trajectory and making for Skyfinger, Dawnstalker‘s home.

Giant Fight

The chase culminates as Fortune’s Irregulars nears the transition from Mount Glaedyr to Skyfinger, with Dawnstalker spotting some fellow goliaths concealed in the snow.

The goliaths intervene to help the party, who double back and engage Brigitta the Huntress and another frost giant who has joined her, Ruk the Bald. They lead a force of bugbears and wolves, including several Winter Wolves.

Alongside their new allies, the party is able to best their giant foes. More goliaths arrive, led by an immense warrior who seems quite angry at the presence of Fortune’s Irregulars and Dawnstalker in particular. Aesar casts Comprehend Languages as the goliaths begin to argue.

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