Campaign 2 – Episode 28

Original game date: March 2, 2019

The game resumes with Fortune’s Irregulars encamped in Castle Naerytar, where the lizardfolk tribes are still pumped up from their victory but growing concerned that the dead cultists might displease the black dragon they serve, Voaraghamanthar.

Before departing the castle, the party takes a moment to check out the Farseer of Ilusk and try it out. Ander writes to inform the Star Chamber about it.

The party are eager to press on in their chase of Rezmir, and quickly extradite themselves from the castle without any clashes with the lizardfolk.

Sylla Says Farewell

Sylla informs them that she will be going no further, instead she will return to Baldur’s Gate and report what they’ve learned.

She tells Grellosh that she will look into who has posted a bounty on him

Into the North

Stepping into the circle of teleportation and uttering its activation word, the party finds itself transported far to the north, onto the windswept and snowy face of an immense mountain.

There are signs of activity, recently abandoned huts and shelters, and a wooden causeway leading away and down the mountain side to a castle about 500 feet away. The castle appears to simply hang in the air, and immediately begins to draw away. Rezmir can be spotted on the parapets, alongside two floating cloud giants.

Fortune’s Irregulars are quickly given a more pressing concern as an immense adult white dragon, Brymscythe, rises up into the space left by the flying castle and swoops in to attack.

A fight ensues, with Vorai using his Ring of Wings to take to the air and engage the dragon. Ander polymorphs himself into a smaller dragon to engage. In the end, Brymscythe is forced to retreat but he successfully covers the departure of Rezmir and the flying castle.

Taking Stock

Investigating the area, Dawnstalker recognizes nearby peaks as Mount Gorek and Skyfinger (his home). Realizes that they must be standing on Mount Glaedyr, seat of the Frost Giant King Vigroth, a great enemy and attempted subjugator of the goliath tribes. He suggests they make haste in getting off the mountain – the city of Silvermoon lies in the great vale at the bottom of the Nether Mountains, but they could also make laterally for Skyfinger if necessary.

Their early progress is hampered by a pack of dire wolves, but with Dawnstalker using his ranger skills and enjoying being back in his natural environment, they make good progress.

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