Campaign 2 – Episode 27

Original game date: February 9, 2019

The game resumes with the party and their allies, including Dawnstalker and Sylla Belfal, encamped around Castle Naerytar in the Meer of Dead Men, poised to storm the castle.

Seizing the Gatehouse

After fighting their way through a tribe of bullywugs and being pelted with giant frogs, the party makes it to the gatehouse, where they assist The Blood Claw tribe in seizing control of it and throwing the gates open.

Captain Othelstan

The party begins the force their way deeper into the Castle, braving a long causeway with entrenched defenders. Ahead of them they can here the voice of Captan Othestan issuing orders and he gets his troops and cultists in order to defend the courtyward. Saul casts a Silence spell on him to sow confusion (though later proving a frustration for friend and foe).

Courtyard Clash

The battle pushes its way into the courtyard, defended to the last man by a mixed force of bullywugs and cultists. Rezmir is spotted at the far side, but she orders her second, Dralmorrer Borngray, to lead the defense while she disappears deeper into the castle (the last of the treasure having been shipped and not liking her odds, she heads to the portal and escape).

Dralmorrer Borngray

It is a tough fight, but Fortune’s Irregulars emerge triumphant, with some casualties among their lizardfolk allies. Both tribes of lizardfolk begin to hunt down and slaughter any bullywugs they can find in the castle while the party explores its holdings, leaving the chase after Rezmir until later.

The Castle is Claimed

In her hurry to leave, Rezmir has left behind a good haul of intelligence about the enemy. They also find a convenient note where she has written down the pass phrase to use a teleportation system below the castle (Draezir) .

In addition Rezmir also has:

  • Notes about the Farseer of Ilusk and ruminations about who the Star Gazers were, perhaps this rumored secret society of seers she has heard about.
  • A ‘pros and cons’ list with the names Talis and Varram (the last, underlined, item on Varram’s list is “lost the fucking white dragon mask”).
  • A secret report, explaining that Varram had been robbed by a beautiful tiefling songstress, but not to worry, it would soon be reclaimed.
  • An entreaty from Talis seeking Rezmir’s support in convincing Severin to remove Varram as wyrmspeaker and name Talis in his stead.
  • A letter from Neronvain the Green Wyrmspeaker asking Rezmir about Fortune’s Irregulars, who recently dispatched one of his key agents, Sharinthar. He has learned that they were present in Greenest when Rezmir was there.
  • Another letter from Neronvain written shortly thereafter alarmed that the King has learned of his identity from that damned Ellesee Naido, and once again these fucking adventurers.
  • Galvan, writing to thank Rezmir for her assistance and apologizing profusely for the tragic loss of the dragon eggs.
  • A letter being written to her Mistress (Itlanya) reporting that as directed she has formed bonds with the other wyrmspeakers, pretending dissatisfaction to draw out their secrets. They have the chance to replace both the White and the Green with more satisfactory replacements…

Beneath the Castle

After looting her office, as well as much of the library that Rezmir and Dralmorrer and put together from pilfering tomes swiped up with the loot passing through the castle, Fortune’s Irregulars head after Rezmir, descending down into the dank cold dungeon of Castle Naerytar.

The bullywugs have fallen back and set an ambush in the ‘misty room’ (10), with the forces split between the teleportation chamber (13) and the Frog Shrine (11).

Pharblex Spattergoo

Although suspecting a trap, Fortune’s Irregulars nevertheless walk into it, their forces split as some must use a crane to lower them down to the mistry room. Pharblex Spattergoo, chief of the bullywugs, has crafted a crude Mud Golem to defend his temple and sanctum and it proves a particularly nasty opponent.

For the first time, the party is put to flight, though in the dash to escape they manage to just eke out a victory.

Reluctantly realizing that they will need to rest before they can pursue Rezmir and the treasure further, the party heads back upstairs to regroup.

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