Campaign 2 – Episode 26

Original game date: January 26, 2019

The game resumes as Fortune’s Irregulars heads out into the Mere of Dead Men to continue their chase of the stolen treasure looted by the Cult of the Dragon, trying to learn its ultimate destination.

Crocodile Rock

The party discovers a series of well-concealed markers that show a path through the swamp. Several hours into the journey they are suddenly attacked by two Giant Crocodiles. A fun fight ensues.

Sylla in the Swamp

Their boat nearly destroyed in the attack of the crocodiles, the party is relieved to make their way to a larger island in the swap as night falls. There are clear signs of this island being used as a hub (several crude lean-tos provide some shelter, and three small canoes are tied up to a dock.

The party rests and in the morning are surprised to find themselves surrounded by a tribe of lizardfolk, but they are seemingly led by Sylla Belfal.

Sylla has been co-opting the Scaly Death Lizard Folk tribe to work them into her designs and living with them in the swamp. She is encouraging a young warrior named Snapjaw to challenge for leadership, though she is frustrated with his reluctance. Snapjaw is furious that the Cult of the Dragon has used the lizardfolk as labour while allowing the hated bullywugs to live in the castle. Sylla has tried to exploit these sentiments to get them to attack the castle.

In the meantime, she has encouraged them to play along with the pretentions of Rezmir‘s deputy, Dralmorrer Borngray and accept his gift of weapons. Borngray also seeks to use the lizardfolks’ resentment to bind them to him; when Rezmir finally leaves, Borngray will be in charge of the castle and intends to run things differently. He cannot stand the sight of the bullywugs.

Syllahas begun training the Scaly Death tribe in the use of swords and shields and intends to give Dralmorrer Borngray a nasty surprise. She has a detailed map of Castle Naerytar and has skulked about and eavesdropped on several conversations. She knows there is a portal in the basement, which may lead to the Well of Dragons. She also knows about the black dragon Voaraghamanthar who lives in the swamp. She is careful to speak no ill of the dragon as the Scaly Death tribe venerate him. She keeps her council, in fact using the Scaly Death’s loyalty to the dragon and wounded dignity to her advantage while drumming up antagonism toward the bullywugs and laying the blame for their pre-eminence with the human cultists on Rezmir. Her ultimate goal has been to foment an insurrection and attempt to capture Rezmir.

Sylla has a pretend familiar, a ginger tabby named Scamp, though currently caked in mud and unhappy. The lizardfolk had planned to eat the cat but she interceded. She does not know that her Arcane Trickster abilities do not include Find Familiar.

Sylla asks Vorai for her ring and he gives her the Ring of Telekinesis. She asks if Drago took him on and is surprised and amused to learn that Vorai serves Xylon directly. She laughs and says good luck. Impressed.

Sylla is also very happy to see Grellosh again.


The party decides to have a closer look at Castle Naerytar, and to try and sneak Snapjaw into the castle. While the lizardfolk in the outside barracks (scouts mainly) are from the Scaly Death Tribe. Another tribe (The Blood Claw) holds a tower within the castle and serve directly under Dralmorrer Borngray. The two tribes are rivals but the Blood Claw also hate the bullywugs and can be convinced to join the Scaly Death in rebellion if handled correctly.

Sneaking into the tower from the roof, Snapjaw, Sylla and Vorai are surprised to discover the top floor is filled with large spiders. They are able to deal with it without making too much noise. They make contact with the Blood Claw and convince them to join in rebellion; when the time is right they are to seize the gatehouse and let the attackers in.

An audacious plan to storm the castle is hatched.

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