Campaign 2 – Episode 25

Original game date: January 5, 2019

The game resumes with the party resting after successfully clearing out the Blasted Keep, Tempest’s Eye, which Grellosh has claimed for his own.

Tovull’s Farewell

Having completed his duty, Tovull Orthaak departs after speaking with Saul and congratulating him on his performance. He tells him to work at the elemental stone and master it. Then he must travel into the north and find the circle in the Moonwood north of Silverymoon. Tovull will see him there.

Leaving Cold Harbour

Grellosh lets the locals know the keep is now safe and that he claims it as his own. He arranges with the mayor Winston Black and the sheriff Duggan Silvermaul to keep an eye on the place while he’s away. He asks if Duggan remembers anything about a band of adventurers named The Redcrest Five and a dwarf that travelled with them. Duggan does remember a name, Grimwald, though not his family or clan. He was a dwarf from the south (based on colouring). He assumed he’d died with the rest of the Redcrest Five when none of them returned.

The Road North

More storms and rain and bad weather.

One evening, Ander wakes up to find the astral girl he’s spotted previously when dealing with members of the Star Chamber astrally projected to him. The girl is playing with his familiar Chaos. She giggles and gives him cutesy eyes before disappearing.

They catch up on some stragglers bringing a last shipment of stolen treasure and posing as traders. Nate Barrow, Conn Wood, Elsbeth Trink (low-level wizard). Worried they are so late; Bog Luck will tear a strip off them. They know a lot of treasure has gone into the Roadhouse, no idea where it is all stored. You’d think they’d have more guards. I heard he keeps a big beast in the basement to guard it, my cousin Jarkin heard it growling something fierce on a delivery not 6 months ago.

The party intimidates and bullies the three into retreating into the night and Fortune’s Irregulars seize the loot and cart.

The Carnath Roadhouse

The roadhouse is a rough wood fort, though with some stone walls being raised. The place is well trafficed by workers coming and going, the road is churned mud hardened by the cold. There are 10 guards, lead by Captain Ardred Briferhew. They are in the employ of Neverwinter but have been subverted by the Cult of the Dragon. Briferhew has a lockbox hidden in his room with 100gp, and 200gp in jewels. Each guard has a purse with 25gp and/or a small item worth 25gp.

The man in charge of the roadhouse is Bog Luck, a half-orc retired mercenary put in charge by the Cult. Treasure flowing into the roadhouse is moved by Bog Luck out through the basement, where a secret tunnel allows a tribe of lizardfolk to take the treasure by canoe through the swamp to Castle Naerytar.

The party pretends to be brigands bringing a late shipment of treasure into the roadhouse. They are given rooms though suspicions run high.

In the night, Vorai sneaks out to investigate noises (Bog Luck going through to the secret basement).

Stealth is broken and a fight ensues. Captain Briferhew fights hard and bellows orders but the guards lose morale quickly and surrender. Bog Luck fights well but when his forces surrender he backs down. The party allow him to depart.

The Monster Below

With the Carnath Roadhouse now in there control, the party contemplates heading down into the basement. Having heard grunts and growls from below, and remembering that Bog Luck was said to keep a creature down there, they are cautious. Steeling their courage, they head down and discover not a monster but an old friend – Dawnstalker is being kept chained in the room, his flesh is torn and scabbed from the lacerations of Bog Luck‘s whip. Luck had previously used an old ogre tto move the large stone slab blocking the entrance to the tunnel but when the Cult came through with Dawnstalker he found the perfect replacement.

Dawnstalker is thrilled to see his old friends and happy to be rescued. He explains that “Grellosh’s girl” (Sylla) was in the area and that she’s working with the lizardfolk tribe who are sneaking the stolen loot out of the roadhouse. Sylla said she was working on a way to free him and told him to try to be patient.

When he is told that Bog Luck was let go, Dawnstalker immediately chases after him and the party hears his death scream. The goliath returns carrying the magic bracers that had been taken from him. The rest of his stuff is retrieved from Luck‘s chambers.


The party takes the evening to celebrate Dawnstalker‘s return and to plan for the next leg of their journey. A boat is procured from the swamp and repaired for their use. Dawnstalker asks to continue with Fortune’s Irregulars, an offer that is gladly accepted.

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