Campaign 2 – Episode 31

Original game date: May 11, 2019

The game resumes with Fortune’s Irregulars having arrived in the northern city of Silverymoon and taken up rooms in The Jaunty Apothecary, a famous bar with strong ties to the Harpers faction as well as to Herald’s Holdfast.

Splitting the Party

In the morning, Saul announces his intention to visit the Moonwood and find the Circle of Elemental Shepherds. Despite some reservations, the party does not object to him leaving on his own. Some are eager to do some shopping, especially at The Wyrmworks, a store specializing in dragon scale armor; while Aesar is eager to visit Herald’s Holdfast and attempt to enroll.

The Wyrmworks

A shop in Silverymoon that specializes in dragon parts and maps related to dragon locations and lairs. It also had a magically animated red dragon head for rent; owned by The Dragonslayer Family, half-orcs, 3 brothers, 9 sons, patriarch is Josef. They sell dragon scale armor, in sets or by piece. Also powdered dragon teeth (mixed in a drink and imbibed, provides Energy Resistance for 1 hour).

Vorai and Grellosh both procure some choice pieces of armor.

The Shining Scroll

Ander decides to check out a prominent magic shop in town, The Shining Scroll, located on Brightbuckler Street in Northbank, owned by Xara Tantlor. She has a number of magic scrolls to choose from. He also inquires about several wizard towers that stand out on the city landscape and learns about their proprietors: the Tower of Galadrin (reclusive high elf) who has not shown himself in over a decade, Eldwin’s Tower (a popular gnome illusionist who puts on seasonal shows), Shinska’s Minaret (a Calishite sorceress far from home with a fearsome reputation – she does not suffer fools lightly).

Herald’s Holdfast

The school is built on a hill in the northwest of the city, it is a multi-level castle with soaring bridges between towers. Walking up the main path provides easy access to the Courtyard, with a fountain of the gods Oghma and Milil. There are several passages off the courtyard. To the left, a building marked ADMISSIONS. Gavin Silverlark, a twenty-year old human male student is sitting by the fountain chatting with a couple friends and playing jacks (Big Fred, a female dwarf named Mathilda, and a male half-elf named Claudius). They don’t pay Aesar any mind, but a curious Gavin follows him into Admissions.

Within the Admissions office is a clerk (a chubby girl named Meg) who has fallen asleep reading a book. Admissions requires a 2000gp entrance fee, the introduction of a Master Herald, and approval of the Standing Committee. The standing committee for the current term is Lorelio Harpell (human male), Amelia Terlanagon (female elf), and Belloch Skanrfark (Ol’ Snuffletooth; half-orc male). They are very curious when they learn that Roark Kincaid is his sponsor.

While he does not excel in his performance, Aesar is competent enough to gain entry into the college and his association with Roark Kincaid makes him the focus of much gossip. He spends some time at the in-house college bar, meeting many other students, guided by Gavin Silverlark. Eventually he extracts himself and heads back into town and the Jaunty Apothecary.

Journey to the Moonwood

The Moonwood is nearly on the doorstep of Silverymoon so it takes little time for Saul to find himself deep within the thick green wood. The winter has settled in and the ground is firm and snow covered beneath his feet.

He travels deeper and deeper into the wood, attempting to gain information about the location of any druids from forest animals, who are able to provide little assistance. After much of the day has passed, it occurs to him to take out the elemental gemstone that Tovull Orthaak gave him and focus on it.

Before long, a large dire wolf appears and leads him deeper into the wood until he comes upon a clearing where several other large forest animals await. Tovull is also present and welcomes Saul. He explains that he must be tested and prove his worth and is directed to descend into a barrow.

The Testing

Saul descends below the ground and finds himself in a strange series of chambers, each dedicated to an element and each with only one exit that works. He must walk across burning embers, fall through open air, sink through sand, and plunge through water. He next finds himself in a series of larger rooms, with an elemental statue of some kind in the centre. Saul realizes he must choose the same exits as worked in the previously corresponding rooms but not before choosing the wrong door in the fire chamber and having to defeat a Fire Elemental.

Having passed through the elemental chambers, Saul finds himself in a mausoleum facing an undead being, a revenant named Dernoth, who introduces himself as the Founder of the Circle of Elemental Shepherds. He has dedicated his damned eternity to the defeat of powerful undead creatures who stalk the land. He informs Saul that he has passed the tests and is a worthy addition. He councils caution when it comes to dealing with Gulthias, father of vampires. They are destined to meet, but it should be at a time of Saul‘s choosing, not Gulthias.

The Gunsmith

Aesar visits Tallisker’s Forge & Sundry, the shop where, according to what he was told by Zora Fel, Vosz Draken once worked. It is owned by the elderly Tallisker the Younger (the elder died many years ago but the name stuck). Tallisker has a rather ornery disposition by default, and gets defensive very quickly when Vosz is brought up. He does eventually answer questions, but does not have much to report. He says he and Vosz went seperate ways years back. The drow has a keen and clever mind, but was never much of a talker. Tallisker did not like the types of magic he was enfusing his ammunition with, hard to conclude other than that the drow meant someone or some people great harm.

Tallisker also has a look at Aesar‘s thunder cannon and takes on a special commission to help Aesar out (feeling some responsibility for Roark Kincaid‘s death).

Wrapping up the Day

Back in Silverymoon, Ander composes letters to each of the three magic users who have towers in the city, offering the services of Fortune’s Irregulars. He then heads off to The Fortune Hall, a casino and house of worship of Tymora, where he is to meet Osman Moonfinger, an advisor to Laeral Silverhand, and a member of the Star Chamber.

Vorai makes contact with the Zhentarim after noticing tell-tale signals in the establishment of Black & Sons Fishing Company. They prove to be little more than smugglers, unable to offer much direct aid or intelligence to Vorai other than offering to put him in touch with the Black Network’s main operative in the city. They ask him to return the following evening.

Back at The Jaunty Apothecary, Aesar puts on a performance before sneaking off to the Silver Shield for the first of the performances he owes.

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