Campaign 2 – Episode 23

Original game date: November 17, 2018

The game resumes with the party recuperating in the bailey of the Tempest’s Eye, having defeated Matron Guh, her two sons, and their allies.

A Survivor Found

Searching the bailey, they discover Arag an old female half-ogre attendant for Matron Guh. She is feeble but still mean spirited with smallfolk. She can explain that Guh had a vision that the Ordening would fall and that she wanted to become as big as possible beforehand. Arag does not know if she was eating to prepare herself, or to glut while she still could. After questioning her, the party took some pity on the horrid old crone and sent her on her way.

Entering The Blasted Keep

The party, accompanied by Tovull Orthaak, entered The Tempest’s Eye and explored the ground floor.

1. The Murder Chamber

A rectangular room, 35 feet across, 25 feet deep with walls 15 feet high. A gallery around the chamber on which archers and spearmen would wait the entrance of an invader. The skeletal remains of the original 30 orc guardians animate and attack with arrows.

Wodugog the Poltergeist arrives and attempts to divide the party by tossing them about the room. If threatened (or given to understand that Grellosh is a follower of Gruumsh) he raises the more recently dead bodies and flees deeper.

An additional 14 bodies lay about the floor, orcs and adventurers killed upon entry. Four rise up as Spectres at the command of the Poltergeist, who haunts the room for a time, the others 10 as Zombies.

2. Main Hall

15 feet wide, 25 feet long. A large heavy door at the far (carved as the one-eyed face of Gruumsh), and two smaller doors five feet in from the far end, one on each side.

Two dead bodies, an orc and a human warrior lay dead on the floor. The door requires a DC 19 Strength check to open.

Two invisible Will-o’-wisps attack once the party has entered.

3. Barracks

15 feet by 20 feet, with shattered bunkbeds. Three Shadows lurk about in each.

4. Armory

10 feet by 20 feet, with stairs up to the gallery of the Murder Chamber. Old broken weapon racks with some rusted axes and swords.

5. Breakline Corridor

5 feet wide, 65 feet long. Another large iron door carved with a scene of orcs in combat. The door is trapped to shoot a bolt of lightning the length of the corridor. Investigation DC 14 to spot. DC 16 to disable.

6. The Pressure Chamber

A small square room, 15 by 15, with a long-disabled gas trap. A large set of double-doors carved with the familiar scene of a storm giant kneeling to an orc king.

7. Audience Chamber

Very large room, 100 feet across at its widest. A dais against back wall, curved inward by the Great Tower. Two stone staircases in the back west and east corners of the room lead up.

Four suits of orcish armor (Helmed Horrors) stand guard before the dais (the sons of Wodugog called back from the dead to serve their father).

Several large wood tables around the room, wooden chairs long since fallen apart. Broken crockery and utensil lay about (Perception to notice some are embedded deeply in the wood).

Four former Helmed Horrors lay dead on the floor, their armor scattered. The party also finds the long-dead body of a female halfling wizard. She bears a talisman with the emblem of her adventuring group (The Redcrest Five), engraved on the back with a cardinal in flight. One hand lies on her chest, the other flung out (after being kicked by the orc). She wears a Ring of Protection +1 and carries 24 gp.

Wodugog re-appears and creates storm of utensils and debris (10-foot cube. A creature takes 4d4 slashing damage and 2d4 bludgeoning damage) when it enters the area for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there.).

Wodugog attempts to possess Grellosh. He then flees towards the Lady’s Tower to lure them towards The Banshee.

7a. Kitchen

Small rustic kitchen, mostly everything long since turned to dust.

7b. Larder/Storage

Mostly everything long since turned to dust.

Tempest’s Eye, Ground Floor

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