Campaign 2 – Episode 21

Original game date: October 6, 2018

The game resumes in Baldur’s Gate, with the party planning their departure.

Checking in on Mutton Lane Yard

The party checks in on the Yard and give final instructions on improvements to be worked on in their absence. At The Bloody Haunch, the head of Sharlanthar is being installed on the wall. Constable Barnabas Longshanks is there, enjoying his breakfast with Cadet Janet. He invites Vorai to sit down. He makes it clear he knows exactly what’s going on, but that he is also aware of their reputation with the powers of the city and that their reputation is good. At the end of the day, Vorai is better than his predecessor, just make sure to stay on the right side of the law.

Aesar gets work started on the warehouse, with space being dug out for a secret vault he intends to build.

After the Constable leaves, Otis Deephammer asks Vorai if he can arrange for some extra protection while he’s away, he is worried that a rival gang may try to claim the territory. The Bell Street Scuttlers will keep watch.

Off to Waterdeep

The Blackstaff teleports them to Castle Greystone, home of Force Grey, her new mercenary outfit. The Blackstaff Tower is visible in the background. She explains a little about the High Road north, and how it was virtually erased after a great calamity in the city of Neverwinter, and is only now being reconstructed. Suggests they get on their way without delay.

They are a about 10 days behind their quarry. The Carnath Roadhouse is about 12 days travel north of Waterdeep, along the coast road to Neverwinter. It is just past the Sword Mountains and marks the southern boundary of the Mere of Dead Men (a large swamp skirted by the road).

Troll Fight

While camping for the evening, the party is set upon by a small gang of trolls, leading to an entertaining melee.

Gull’s Crest

Making their way up the coast, they spot a fishing hamlet with a few inland farms, the hamlet of Gull’s Crest. There are many abandoned buildings after loss of trade following the Neverwinter calamity. On the horizon, the Blasted Tor can be spotted, with Cold Harbour below. This triggers a remembered vision in Grellosh – it is the same vista he saw when he visited the Land of Storms (Episode 4).

In the foreground, events are transpiring on the beach. A large creature, similar to a blue whale but with an iridescent horn, has washed up on the shore, trailing fresh blood.

The villagers have gathered and numerous sea birds swarm overhead. A small party of three Tortles approach along the beach from a little way up the coast from Gull’s Crest.

The whale was attacked by Sahuagin, looking to steal the calfs she is about to birth. The desperate mother beached herself and the Sahuagin are not far behind.

The Tortles reach the scene; they are led by an elder named Torrance Terrapin, cleric of Sashelas and Chief of Tidesands Balewick, a small community of Tortles who live nearby. Torrance realizes the whale is pregnant as it dies and begins trying to deliver the calfs.

As he begins, the waters begin to froth and numerous humanoids emerge. Shrin, a Sahuagin Baron) leads 10 warriors, with 6 sharks, and he is accompanied by Lagoona and Brilla (two Priestesses). When Shrin spots the party, he sends a warrior away for reinforcements (2 Champions, 10 more warriors).

The party is assisted by some of the villagers, who seem to have fought sahuagin before, as well as Torrance‘s two attendants, who both draw into their shells and release Spirit Guardians.

He is able to successfully deliver the twin calves while everyone else repels the attackers. Afterward, the tortles guides he calfs back towards Tidesands Bailiwick and will return them to the ocean when it is safe.

The Villagers

Nell Shore – red, curly-haired owner of The Golden Anchor. Best chowder on the Sword Coast.

Tad Boatman – burly older man who the town defers to, the unofficial leader.

Ol’ Crumb (Cromwell) – an elderly and cranky fisherman

Young Crumb – a middle-aged, scrawny and greasy-haired shifter

Lil’ Crumb – 10 year-old boy, just beginning to show his family’s predilections

Lily Whitefish – the town Wisdom, with herbs to sell

The Golden Anchor

After the battle, everyone retires to the main bar/inn in town, The Golden Anchor.

The party hear complaints about someone named Matron Guh, a female hill giant that moved in up on the Blasted Tor. The elder of the tortles, Torrance was up there a month back, after one of them giants made off with a couple of their young. He came back a right bloody mess. She has two sons, Ud and Eg who collect food for her, regular tribute demanded from everyone in the area.

They also hear about ‘Shepherd’ who came through asking about the Keep, some years ago, but who now just stops by several times a year to enjoy Nell’s chowder. This catches Saul’s attention. When he asks, they say they know he’s been staying with Bartie Spragg (who Ol’ Crumb derides as a necromancer). His father is the only man known to have entered the Tempest’s Eye (the name given to the keep up on the tor) and returned alive, though he was broken and near deranged.

If they are curious about learning more about local legends, Nell suggests they speak to Old Turbot up in Cold Harbour, he’s been the Chronicler around these parts long as anyone can remember.

Cold Harbour

Several hours up the coast from Gull’s Crest lies the tiny fishing village of Cold Harbour. The road in between is dotted by shacks and small cottages at regular intervals, some abandoned, others not, until a gradual congestion finds them in the village of Cold Harbour. There are two taverns (The Orc’s Head, The Sturgeon Arms) and an inn (The Rocking Cabin).

In the center of town there is a huge statue of a head – all that remains of a massive Storm Giant colossus that once stood off-shore.

The townsfolk mainly fish, with some inland farms as well. They also make whalebone scrimshaw art that has gained a good reputation, with travelers sometimes coming from quite far to purchase some.

Once every tenday, one of Matron Guh’s sons (Ud and Eg) comes with a band of ogres and bugbears to collect “offerings”.


Old Turbot – spry old man, with a large family. Local historian. Has a collection of oddities – skeleton of a whale, and another partial skeleton of an odd creature (dinosaur). A rusted giant’s hammer.

Unther Deephollow – owner of The Orc’s Head; older dwarf, retired soldier who stayed in Cold Harbour after helping to defeat an orc attack during the War of the Silver Marches.

“Rummy” Rumbolt Fletcher – owner of The Sturgeon Arms; older overweight male human with thinning hair and a ruddy red nose.

Lorelai Redrose – owner of The Rocking Cabin; retired ship captain; half-elf woman. Attractive older lady with long dark tresses and a naturally smoldering look. A little depressed these days with the town’s diminished fortunes. Hopeful the new road will turn things around.

Winston Black – Mayor. Retired fisherman with a missing leg (taken by a shark). Good man, though usually with little to do. About 40, he doesn’t know much of the town’s history. Since the giants arrival he has had to protect his people and appease the giants with regular ‘donations’ of fish and livestock that the town and region are having increasing trouble meeting.

Duggan Silvermaul – Sheriff. Dwarf male fighter. Small office with a single cell jail attached.

Amelie Barnes – town wisdom, with herbs and some Healing Potions to sell at The Sea Harvest.

Sigi Nimblefingers – a renown whalebone artist (Viking from the Whalebones Islands) who people travel to work with. Currently has a half-elf woman from Cormyr (Celia Lanadin) working with her. They are currently working on a very flattering likeness of Guh.

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