Campaign 2 – Episode 20

Original game date: September 15, 2018

The game resumes in the makeshift lair of Sharinthar, a young adult green dragon who has been posing as The Admiral and running a smuggling right that helped move loot stolen by the Dragon Cult through the city of Baldur’s Gate. Since being left behind, they seemingly have new orders – to enac a series of assassinations that will ruin the great conclave of the Sword Coast gathering in the city. Fortune’s Irregulars are joined by Ellesee Naido, an eladrin they rescured from the cult.

Rumble in the Tunnel

Despite fighting him in his own lair, and having to fend off the water itself as it tries to drag them down, the party is victorious over the dragon and carry the day.

The treasure that passed through his talons has mostly shipped further north, and Sharinthar does not know the ultimate location (he does believe it to be the Well of Dragons, he just does not know where that is). He has kept some choice prize trinkets for himself in a secret room only accessible under water.

Within the main lair, the party finds heaps of coins (1000gp, 800sp, 400 copper) and items with a value of 800gp. A crate of potions (2 Healing Potions (2d4 +2), 3 Greater Healing (4d4 +4), 1 Superior Healing (8d4 +8)).

In the secret underwater compartment they find five sealed, waterproof chests, and one sack containing Elessin’s gear:

1. Heroes’ Feast Scroll; gem-encrusted bowl (1000gp); Scroll Case of Duplication
2. Black pearl necklace (with a Pearl of Power), Lantern of Revealing
3. Everlasting Rose (one use of Resurrection), Manual of Bodily Health (Not yet ready, but nearing the end of its century-long recharge)
4. Onyx Dog Figurine (OBERON), Ear Horn of Hearing
5. Pillow of Refreshment, Wand of Wonder

Within the lair, there is also a small invisible chest, which is spotted by Oberon after Aesar summons him. The chest contains letters in elven between Sharinthar and Neronvain (implicating the King’s own son as the Green Wyrmspeaker). Also, that Sharinthar’s grandfather Chuth sends his regards and reminders of the need for continued obedience.

The Flaming Fist’s Reward

Adding to the party’s growing good fortunes, they returned to see The Flaming Fist and inform them that they have ended the cult’s activities in the city and slain a green dragon hiding in their midsts.

A curator/librarian of the Flaming Fist, Father Odo, is quite upset to have to part with any of the collection. He presents 10 items of which 5 may be selected.

Aesar selects some Elven Chain.

Ander chooses a Robe of Useful Items ( 1 dagger, 1 bull’s eye lantern, 2 steel mirror, 2 10-foot pole, 2 Hempen Rope, 1 Sack, 1 Bag of 100gp, 2 Wooden Ladder (24ft), 1 riding horse, 2 pits, 2 Four Potions of Healing, 2 Window,  2 Portable Ram).

Grellosh decides on the Rope of Climbing.

Saul chooses the Eyes of Charming.

Vorai takes the Boots of Striding and Jumping

The Conclave of the Sword Coast

A team appointed by Grand Duke Entar Silvershield arrives at The Three Kegs to stear Fortune’s Irregulars through their testimony at the upcoming meeting. There is a handler named Deval, a half-elf event planner, and his team (Edith, a male gnome haberdasher, and Baxter, an elderly human expert in etiquette) to ensure that they are presentable and convincing.

There is a brief encounter with Zora Fel, she is being dispatched to Silverymoon in the north to encourage their aid, despite their own distractions. Zora explains that High Lady Alustriel Silverhand was unable to attend the conclave as she is trying to avoid a civil war among the dwarf kingdoms of the north.

Deval ushers them through proceedings. They are given a suite with a lavish spread of food in which to wait. Eventually they are summoned and brought into an audience chamber that is packed with dignitaries. The body of Sharinthar is stretched down the length of the chamber.

Elesee Naido is addressing the assembly as they enter, describing how one as powerful as Prince Neronvain has allied with the Cult. The Duchess of Daggerford also speaks up.

Fortune’s Irregulars provide testimony of all that they have encountered and discovered in recent adventures, and it is well received. The meeting is suddenly interrupted however by the appearance of Drago Mortain, who announces that the Zhentarim have information about the whereabouts of the stolen loot and its ultimate destination, which he is prepared to share so long as The Zhentarim are included in this and any future meetings of the factions to deal with the Cult menace.

Blackstaff Vajra

The party is dismissed and retire to their chambers. It is not long before a knock at the door reveals Elminster and Blackstaff Vajra.

They relate that with much consternation for some, the Zhentarim have been accepted into the conclave. Drago‘s intelligence was provided by an agent named Sylla Belfal, who is known to the party. As such, they seem the perfect choice to head north and try to make contact with her. Her last report came in a little over a week ago from a place called the Carnath Roadhouse, an outpost that serves as a hub for roadwork being done to re-build the portions of the High Road reclaimed by the Mere of Dead Men. To catch them up further, Blackstaff Vajra will teleport the group to Waterdeep so that they can set off from there.

Loose Ends in Baldur’s Gate

The evening after their testimony, Ander is again visited by numerous astrally projected members of the Star Chamber, some with their faces obscured. They insist on regular reports on their progress. He is also encouraged to continue to pursue knowledge of the Draakhorn. It was crafted from the tooth of the ancient wyrm, Stalag the Giant-Eater. Used to rally the draconic armies that brought down the ancient giant empire of Ostoria but disappeared during that great conflagration and believed to have fallen into giant hands. After they leave, Ander discovers a cypher within the book he stole from the library in Elturel that reveals hidden information.

Grellosh decides to spend his last night in Baldur’s Gate out on the town, and finds himself accosted by thugs who seem to be specifically after him. He is able to fight them off without much difficulty, the last ones fleeing after remarking that the halfling’s money ain’t worth this. Grellosh retrieves from one of them a bounty notice with his face on it but for a small amount of only 100gp.

Vorai says farewell to Ellesee Naido, who is departing for home in a hurry as she fears being caught the the winter before she gets there. She intends to expose Prince Neronvain and hunt him down. Vorai tells her that she reminds him of an elf he once knew named Elwyn. Both of them were taken by an evil warlock and transformed into tieflings; and Elwyn‘s amazing resistance in the face of astounding distress has remained with him all these years later. Vorai had escaped in the chaos of a Harper attack, and Elwyn‘s ultimate fate is unknown to him. Ellesee is moved by the story and says she hopes that she and Vorai will meet again.

Saul and Aesar completed some last minute shopping.

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