Campaign 2 – Episode 13

Original game date: April 14, 2018

Having cleared out and fully explored the caves near the former cultist camp, the party returned to Greenest.

An Offer from Henrik

Henrik Rivers recognizes that the party has grown in stature and that little remains of the Mazmanian Mercantile Caravan. He offers them his own money to travel with the caravan home, having them around will offer enough security that many will sign on and Pavel should be able to recoup their losses. Explains that he was good friends with Pavel‘s father, and knows that he just needs one success under his belt and he’ll be fine. Explains the truth of Pavel‘s first trip, that he offered himself as hostage if the bandits (The Battered Brothers) would let the others go. They agreed and humiliated him, and then betrayed their word, slaughtering the others and leaving him naked and alive.

Entering the Nation of Eltugard

The caravan encounters Loch Dundarrion and the remnants of the Order of Gauntlet host, along with three dead chimeras, and a host of winged kobold sorcerers. Loch reasons it was a delaying tactic once he hears that the raiders are on the move toward the Wood of Sharp Teeth.

The knights change course and pursue. Loch suggests the party stay at The Harmonious Hearth in Elturel, owned by his sister Lana.


Town criers spread the news of the sacking of Greenest, attack on a conroi of paladins! Onthaar Frume, the leader of the Order, has issued an open appeal to the Lord’s Alliance for a Grand Council of the Sword Coast!

The Holy Circle – home to wondrous temples to Torm, Lathander, Milil (The House of a Thousand Songs), Sune (The Rose Chapel), Oghma (The Cloisters of Clarity) and Sylvanus (Temple of Three Oaks), each of which has a host of paladins devoted to the cause through the Order of the Gauntlet; as well as the Chapter House, the seat of government where the Order of the Gauntlet presides.

The Harmonious Hearth is right off the Holy Circle, near the Church of Mili (an open-air Parthenon style building). Leosin is already staying there, Zora has already been sent off on another mission, to rally some Harpers. The owner is Lana Dundarrion and her husband Lorindin (male elf swashbuckler, a bit of a fool balanced out by his clever wife).

The Meeting(s)

First meeting with Onthaar Frume at the Pair of Black Antlers in the Harbor District. Great demon’s head fireplace is basis of the name. Very popular with the Order of the Gauntlet, raucous and loud. Arm wrestling, drinking contests, walls bedecked with trophies (1 small dragon, 8 hydra heads).

Meeting with leaders from Harpers (Leosin, and a female elf named Elandra), Emerald Enclave (Appalonia, and a half-elf ranger named Luke Runner) and Order of the Gauntlet (Onthaar Frume), with two representatives of the Lord’s Alliance – diplomats from Baldur’s Gate (Count Eton Dorn) and Iriaebor (Lady Jasmiga).

Debriefing, asked to stick around a bit and be interviewed. Repeatedly questioned. Ultimately a formal meeting of factions is announced for Baldur’s Gate and party sent on their way.

Emerald Enclave – The Temple of Three Oaks

A representative/diplomat for the Emerald Enclave, Hierophant Apallonia, runs the Church of Sylvanus (three immense trees formed around each other in a green field with flowers and natural water features). They are all doing yoga when Saul arrives. Appalonia is dubious of Saul’s claims to be a member of the Enclave and finds him rather odd.


The party enjoys some casual time and explore the city of Elturel, capital of the relatively new nation of Eltugard. It is a very militaristic but peaceful city maintained by paladins.

Vorai confides in Grellosh the nature of his engagements with Sylla and his intentions on returning to Baldur’s Gate.

Aesar finds a blacksmith named Shem who works in small parts that he can use in crafting his new Thunder Cannon.

Ander locates a magic shop, Hansard’s Scriptorium where he can purchase some scrolls. He and Aesar also visit The Cloisters of Clarity (church of Oghma) and talk their way into the library where they research the Cult of the Dragon. Ander discovers an old book transcribing old giant tablets from the age of Ostoria, the great giant empire of millenia past, and their battles with dragons. He pockets the book when he leaves.

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