Campaign 2 – Episode 12

Original game date: March 24, 2018

Having scouted the raiders’ camp and knowing the cultists are breaking camp and leaving, the party returns to Greenest to rest.

Zora Fel suggests the party investigate the caves after the cult leaves; its possible that the cult will leave evidence behind. She and the Leosin Erlanthar must travel to Elturgard and report back on what they’ve learned. She will meet them there. The Order of Gauntlet and Harpers will pay handsomely for any information they can provide.

Exploring the Caves

The party returns to the camp and thoroughly explore the caves they used for storage. A small group has remained behind, including Frulam Mondath and Langderosa Cyanwrath. They are able to defeat their enemies, with a particularly memorable throwdown in a small temple to Tiamat.

They also discover and destroy three black dragon eggs stored within the caves.

Within Frulam’s chambers they locate some letters, including a burned letter in the fire place that reveals that the raiders are headed to the Wood of Sharp Teeth. Two other letters are found within a lockbox, with one being only partially written:

I received your recent missive and shall take this opportunity to remind you that you work for me, and not the other way around. That you dislike Rezmir is frankly irrelevant and uninteresting, she is Second to The Black and I expect you to obey her orders. That being said, I agree that Itlanya should not take all the glory for the operations of my own underlings, and I shall make an appearance for the attack on Greenest.  Look for me astride Lennithon the Bold so that none may doubt that The Blue have carried the day.

My Lord Wyrmspeaker,
Thanks to your magnificent efforts the sacking of Greenest could not have gone better! Not even Rezmir’s presence ruined the day, though she has done much in the time since to make up for it. At least she has finally left, taking the treasure I so meticulously collected north. Why I should have to remain here to guard her precious charges I do not understand, but I do my duty for the Order as always and look forward to the Great Queen’s return.

You should know that we had a visit from an old friend of yours, Valentin Cormarose, who

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