Campaign 2 – Episode 36

Original game date: August 24, 2019

The game resumes in the ruins of the High Ballroom of Herald’s Holdfast. Dragon blood steams in the snow as everyone takes stock. A number of conversations take place in the aftermath of the attack.

Laeral is helped to her feet by Inspirator Savras and provided some healing. The Lady of Silverymoon is pissed that her city was attacked and begins issuing orders to her Knights in Silver. She confers with Aurum, Vasco and Zora about the White Wymspeaker Mask. Osman Moonfinger suggests he cast a Legend Lore spell on the mask but will need the time to prepare and components fetched. Ander is invited to assist. Laeral’s use of the spellfire has left her very drained and she must rest and does not remain long.

Zora is very apologetic for the mess her arrival created Tallisker the Younger is jubilant.

Valorna thanks Grellosh for the assistance. Says she has never met a follower of The One-Eyed God quite like him.

Maximilian suggests that it was a send off that Roark might have appreciated, at least in his prime. Glad to have been of service to Silverymoon. Zora makes a beeline for him and slaps him hard across the face. I am sure that whatever your true business here is, you have already tended to it. Just go Max. He and Valorna depart.

Legend Lore

Osman Moonfinger tells Ander he will be inducted into the inner workings of the brotherhood on his return to Baldur’s Gate, where he will obtain The Robe (of Stars). It will be the fastest ascent in the history of the Order.

The Legend Lore spell reveals that the mask was forged in the fires of Avernus by Arkhan the Cruel, Champion of the Dragon Queen. It will mark out the wearer as the favourite of Tiamat. Provides its attuned wearer greater control over dragons of the corresponding colour. All five masks will be joined into the Mask of the Dragon Queen to be worn by whoever ends up in charge, most likely Severin though perhaps Itlanya, and will play a key role in the ritual to liberate Tiamat. Any two of the masks can be joined, and Osman does not believe that the loss of the white mask will necessarily stop their plans, just slightly weaken the wearer and perhaps the Dragon Queen herself if she does break free.

Lost Treasures Decoded

Aesar sketches out the pages from Lost Treasures of Ostoria that depicted the old giant tablets purporting to describe the last resting place of the Draakhorn. Ander is able to decypher the hidden message, which is two part. First, he uncovers a bit of misdirection – the true location lay to the northwest of Deadstone Cleft, not northeast (as Valorna believes). There is also a hidden message: Follow the tri-part water stair. Ascend beyond the stone tree. Discover the Vale of Arnoch. Stride toward the face of death.

A New Quest

After taking some time to rest and recuperate, Fortune’s Irregulars decides to go after The Draakhorn themselves, not really trusting Max and his crew entirely. Aesar is quite pleased by this outcome.

Traveling to the palace to inform Laeral Silverhand, they learn that the next Great Conclave of the Sword Coast has been delayed slightly to accomodate the dwarf kingdoms of the north but her invitation to teleport Fortune’s Irregulars along with her when she goes to Baldur’s Gate stands.

She is not able to teleport them to Deadsnows, but Laeral offers them her racing yacht sky-ship, The Peregrine. The ship deploys a balloon to rise, but once up it can be stored, and sails used instead for greater speed. It is captained (Kaelyn Starcaster) and crewed by a small team of elves.


Kaelyn lets them down about 30 minutes out of town and asks the party to let the locals know to expect a skyship in the morning. The party comes across a roadhouse Church of Muamman Duathal just outside of town, The Shiny Path Roadhouse. Owned and operated by Tilda Stonewright (Cleric of Muamman). A kindly and warm hostess, most happy inviting guest in from the cold. She’s quite full up with lodgers, with only the heartiest still working gold claims in the hills. However, she makes room for proper guests. The ingrates can double-up, you be proper guests.

Tilda knows everything that happens in Deadsnows. The town is currently abuzz about a captured Stone Giant scout and if it harbingers a raid. There are tales of giant attacks on miners, and even an attack on the village of Grubstake, where they made off with huge gold deposits. Strange thing though, Tilda’s heard from one of the soldiers who captured the giant that the giant had said in common that he was looking for Loch Dundarrion. A name that meant nothing to the soldier but is known to me. And, I see, to you as well?

Perhaps this is fortuitous. Tilda cannot intervene because the Town Justice despises her. Her late husband used to like to slip in here for an occasional screw. The Justice is named Hespa Icespear, cousin of Lady Arletha Icespear, “The Arlessa”. A nominal member of the Lord’s Alliance since the War of the Silver Marches, Icespear’s new position is not taken entirely seriously yet by the locals, but she is popular and well-liked. Her cousin, much less so. Hespa’s elected 5-year term can’t end soon enough. Turned out to be petty and vindictive when she got power.

Some dwarfs are discussing the captured stone giant (Carver Menaeus). Many dwarfs think detaining the giant is just asking for trouble, it should have just been killed. Now a public execution will seem like a provocation. Others disagree and think an execution would show the giants that the goodfolk of Deadsnows will also defend our lands. They dare call us interlopers!

There has been some tension in the Upper Claims, with a couple of recent incidents. Giants throwing stones from afar and destroying equipment and taking some lives. Recently an attack on a convoy.

Gambling and Fisticuffs

The Shiny Path offers a few options for gambling; a large section of the establishment is turned over to gambling tables featuring three games: Hazard (dice), Gambit (cards), and Tymora’s Run (lizard racing). People also bet on the prizefighting. The prizefighting takes straight coin, based on odds offered by the house.

Hazard – minimum bet of 20gp, 10gp increments. Players roll 2d6; if they add to 7 or 11, the player wins. Gamblers can double the bet to add 1d6 to the total. If the player rolls doubles, the dice (and bet) can be split and played separately.

Gnome croupier named Ahmet Treechuckle.

Gambit – Each card player rolls 1d8, keeping the die hidden. Each player has the chance to raise the bet, call the bet (meet it), or fold. It continues when all bets are equal.

Then each player rolls a 1d6, keeping it secret as well. A final chance to raise, call, or fold. Each remaining player rolls 1d4. They all reveal the 1d8, 1d6, and 1d4, adding them all together.

Winner takes 80% of the pot (the other 20% goes to the casino). Ties split the 80%.

Sleight of Hand (versus the Dealer, Perception +8) can give a reroll; Deception (versus Insight) can force a fold.

Dealer is a dwarf named Eustace Bronzebelly.

Tymora’s Run – Lizard racing around a large table course. Five small lizards are released in a small maze-like track that rests upon the table. The lizards themselves are in separate cages at the end of a table until released to race. Gamblers can bet as much as they’d like on one particular lizard, with a 25 gold minimum.

Rules: Roll 1d4 for each lizard three times, describing the stages of the race at each round of rolls. The lizard with the highest roll total wins, and those who bet on it double their bet as winnings. Second place bet gets half of their bet back.

The lizards: Frostslicer, Goose, Cornelia, Spinestalker, Chuckles

Croupier/Hostess is a female half-elf named Fleur Doomchuckle.

The Prizefighting Ring

‘The Path’ has many attractions, the most famous of which is its prizefighting, with a moon elf named Vic (Victorion) Marphanis playing host. Top hat and fancy dress more than slightly warn, an eye-patch. Beloved by the town for his charm. He is spending a few decades indulging earthly pleasures.

It is boxing (with small gloves) in rounds and the mood is very WWE. The current champ is Dag Whoreson, a half-orc boxer (Drunken Master). Another attraction is a thri-kreen named Shakes; he was left behind by a group of adventurers, quite soft in the head, but really perks up for the boxing. A dwarf named The Anvil. Hamling “The Hammer” Trench, Dag’s protégé and up-and-comer. An elf named The Sylvan Sword, Silas Halnan.

You may use your STR or DEX to attack; damage is 1+Modifier; if proficient in unarmed you may add your proficiency bonus and deal 1d4+Modifier. No armor or magic allowed. A critical hit does double damage and drops the opponent to the mat. If confirmed by a second critical, automatic knockout.

The party makes some money gambling, but then rake in a small fortune betting on their own when Dawnstalker and Vorai enter the boxing tournament.

After surviving multiple rounds, Dawnstalker and Vorai battle each other for the right to face the champion, Dag Whoreson. The fight is fierce but Vorai ekes out the victory.

Despite his performance thus far, “The Devil of Mutton Lane Yard” goes into the final as the underdog. But fate intervenes in the opening round (in the form of Ander‘s portent pool) and Vorai knocks Dag Whoreson out cold with his first punch to the shock of everyone, and the great satisfaction of Ander and Aesar who bet heavily on Vorai.

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