Pavel Mazmanian’s Caravan

Caravan Master (Pavel Mazmanian)
Young man in his late twenties with something to prove after his first caravan went horribly wrong. High strung but friendly. Short dark beard and shoulder length dark brown hair, attractive. Wears rich clothing in the western style, with some self-conscious ‘oriental’ accoutrements to use as conversation starters.

Overseer (Henrik Rivers)
Grizzled veteran of many caravans. He’s been assigned to the caravan to keep an eye on Pavel and make sure he does not get into trouble again. The personification of competence. A man of few and plain words. He has worked his whole life for the Mazmanians and is very loyal.

Steward (Roark Kincaid)
Charming older gentleman with an affected air of distinction, with a lifetime’s experience of the road. College of Lore; graduate of the College of Heralds in Herald’s Holdfast north of Silverymoon. Has a previous relationship with Zora Fel and knows she is a Harper Agent but not why she’s on the caravan.


Marshall (Dawnstalker)
Goliath fighter/ranger. Fearsome presence but even-tempered. He’s worked closely with Henrik Rivers before and has great respect for him. He has a keen eye for tactics and for sizing up talent. Competitive streak. Has a great respect for Druids.

Quartermaster (Midge Strugnel)
Stout and matronly older woman with a tight grey bun. From the town of Loudwater, she formerly ran an inn, but twenty years ago she lost her family and business to an orc raid. She makes sure the caravan is well supplied in goods and equipment. Uncomfortable around half-orcs.

Wainwright (Rufus Carpenter)
Human male, aged fifty and wily. He has a family including grandkids in Baldur’s Gate and a second secret family in the city Iriaebor.

Blacksmith (Bertram Stone)
Burly human blacksmith. Secretly sleeping with his apprentice, Lars. Some have begun to wonder why Lars has been apprenticed so long… From Baldur’s Gate; he is a competent blacksmith but not of sufficient skill to have his own shop. He mainly works on mundane projects, though has made himself a masterful longsword named Longfang.

Hostler (Reginald de Quincy)
Human male, in his forties with a somewhat haughty air about him. Drinks too much. From a minor noble family in Waterdeep he was a Squire to an important knight, a good match for his family, but after an incident with the knight’s younger sister his reputation was ruined and he was cast out by his family. He knows his horses and has done a good job by the caravan.

Foreman (Hallmund Grimarsson)
Blond and handsome, and a notorious manwhore. Plays up his northern barbarian heritage, though his family were brewers from Neverwinter.

Drover (Ol’ Ebenezer)
Ancient old man who speaks in a barely audible mumble. He is a druid attended by a pair of large sheepdogs (Sniffer and Snuff) and their brood of three puppies (Yipper, Nibble and Puff) who cares for the caravan’s livestock.

Cook (Jesper Copperpot)
Former soldier, but has foresworn fighting and suffers from PTSD. Male Dwarf from Mithril Hall. He is assisted by two goblins who have pledged a life’s service to him for sparing their lives – Urt and Drog.

Caravan Guards
Lemmy, Tod, Rex, Hamling, Ezlan, Gregor, Other Hamling.

Johan Sparkstone, Scarlet Sparrowsong, and Delft son of Dolft.

Hugo Strong, Brig Hardcastle, Lobo Carlson, Sam Walker

Camp Boys (Grooms, Packers, Servers)
Names as needed: Bil, Jane, Rob, Tub, Lisa, Jak, Margie, Glen

Traders & Passengers

Smith’s Fine Tools & Devices
Jim Smith and his wife Alice, trading tools, pots and pans, etc. Earnest and sincere people, often make the Silver Circuit with Mazmanian Mercantile.

Ingrid Strigsen and her Ice Wines
From Icewind Dale. Large, stacked and buxom; blond hair in a tight braid. Traveling with the caravan as far as Greenest, from there she is bringing her samples into Cormyr. She hired on Sylla Belfal in Baldur’s Gate after one of her guards disappeared suddenly. She travels with a total of four female mercenaries – Anja (human), Doraxa (half-elf), Sylla (half-orc) and Sable (human).

Salizan Stremp
A miscellaneous trader currently moving weapons, furs and spices down from Mithril Hall. He also has a hidden stash of mithril that he stole. He is an oily, unctuous man in a stained brocade vest that is very weather-worn.

Heartland Livestock Co.
Eliza Turnsoil is a human female clerk, tasked with the shipment.

Loch Dundarrion

The Knight of Wine & Song (Loch Dundarrion)
A washed-up paladin of Milil. Broken by quest for keys from the Wyrmbone Organ that saw most of his party killed by stone giants. He is traveling with his good friend, Birch Willowstep, who hopes that getting Loch on the road again and ultimately to the church of Milil in Elturel will restore his spirits.

The Sidekick (Birch Willowstep)
Older taciturn forest gnome in a coon-skin cap. Very experienced and acclaimed ranger. Wild pig companion named Truffle. Renown scout and a real catch for Pavel Mazmanian, even if he does come as a package deal with a washed-up paladin.

The Dragon Cultist (Lord Kubrick Dragonstone)
Dragon Cultist posing as a barrister from Neverwinter who does not wish to be disturbed and spends most time secreted in his black-lacquered coach, only coming out when necessary. His real name is Valentin Cormarose and he is an old school cultist who would prefer the cult still focus on raising Dracoliches rather than focus on liberating Tiamat. He has recently been to see the Green Wyrmspeaker but was rebuffed; he now hopes to make contact with the Blue.


The Zhentarim (Sylla Belfal)
A half-orc Arcane Trickster and agent/recruiter for The Zhentarim. She is posing as a caravan guard for one of the traders (Ingrid Strigsen). Her real task is to keep an eye on Valentin Cormarose and follow wherever he goes.

The Traveling Showman (Erevan Moonbrook)
Male Moon Elf in a top hat and frock coat who makes liberal use of cantrips. His traveling show is headlined by Zora Fel, the sultry tiefling bard. There are also jugglers, acrobats & contortionists. Beloc and Kulik Crazparov of Damara, two strongmen brothers who do feats of strength and acrobatics.

The Femme Fatale (Zora Fel)
A sultry tiefling songstress performing in Erevan Moonbrook‘s Traveling Show but secretly a Harper Agent sent to keep an eye on Valentin Cormarose and try to set up a meeting between the disaffected Dragon Cultist and an agent of the Harpers who will be waiting in Greenest.

The Woodlarks
Two middle-aged parents (Garen & Lorna) with four kids (Wil, Jen, Ali and Joss), heading to Nashkel to visit relations.

The Barrowstones
Two dour goth-like parents (Cornelius & Tabitha) and a brood of six children (Alistair, Gertrude, Thaddeus, Eleanor, Ichabod and Nathaniel), traveling to Elturel to set up residence there after a scandal at the Mortuary in Baldur’s Gate got Father Barrowstone fired.

Juniper & Geneva Harlow
Sisters, fleeing an unwanted marriage for Juniper and heading toward an aunt in Greenest;

Four scholars from Humboldt College
Brian, Thomas, John and Stuart. They are headed to a conference in Candlekeep.