Campaign 2 – Episode 18

Original game date: August 4, 2018

Fortune’s Irregulars continue to investigate the Cult activity in Baldur’s Gate, hoping to prove to the Duchess of Daggerford that it is the Cult of the Dragon and not the Zhentarim who ordered the assassiantion attempt against her. First however, they have some business closer to home to deal with.

Below Mutton Lane Yard

The party goes down into the sewers and gain access to one of the sealed side entrances. They first must contend with several Carrion Crawlers and their young before the find themselves in the room below Mutton Lane Yard.

The vegetation that fills the room and which has broken a number of pipes, is revealed to be a Shambling Mound that has been trapped in the chamber for some time and is very hungy. It immediately attacks.

After slaying the Shambling Mound, the party discovers a long-dead corpse of a young wizard. This reveals a plot by a member of the Mercers Guild, who wanted to develop a new trendy restaurant square (Waukeen’s Garden) in a section of town that was a little too close to Tannery District to be developed fully. They needed permission to wall off Mutton Lane Yard. One of the conspirators (a young wizard who had to deliver the young shambling mound and charge it with lightning) was caught by the Shambling Mound and unable to flee after completing his task. He has a letter on him implicating the Mercers, specifically Regen Cornwallis, a prominent member, though now an elder statesman. Wanted Mutton Lane to appear dirty and broken down during an important inspection. Forgot all about it afterward. Waukeen’s Garden was eventually completed on the opposite side of the yard’s north wall. They have put up fragrant trees and used magic enchantments to hide the smell from the Tannery Disrict.

Madge Tunwell is outraged to learn of the duplicity, especially the lack of concern after the Mercers had achieved their goals. She believes however that the letter will allow her to turn the tables and extort some concessions from the Mercers Guild now. She thanks Fortune’s Irregulars for their efforts.

The Silverlark Warehouse

Having cleared out the sewer in the morning, the party rests during the day and decide to hit the Silverlark Warehouse in the evening. They use their Warrant of Action to commandeer the assistance of a squad of Flaming Fist mercenaries led by a Captain Brian.

The attack goes off without too many complications. The warehouse contains a number of bandits and Cult members, who also call upon the assistance of Merrow, who arrive through a pool of water.

Captives who are questioned reveal they all work for a figure they know only as The Admiral; the guy in charge of their team, a dragonborn named Silas hasn’t been back in a few days, and that’s normal. Got orders to kill someone and left but did not return.  They have a sending stone similar to those the party retrieved from the pirates.

The party recalls that the pirates had mentioned another warehouse, Greyfriars Shipping, and decide to explore that next.

A Return to the Duchess

Presented with evidence of the Cult of the Dragon’s evil intentions, Morwen Daggerford relents in her suspicions of the Zhentarim and accepts the party’s story and thanks them for the information.

After securing a pledge of their secrecy, she tells the true story of what happened to the the dragonborn assassin.

The Duchess possesses a ring that provides her access to a Private Sanctum, which contains a Shield Guardian protector. It has been a secret of the Daggerford family since they founded the village that grew into the city it is today. She transported both she and the assassin to the Sanctum where the dragonborn was killed. After, they returned to the chamber where they were discovered by Sten, who immediately sounded an alarm. He was dutiful and honourable enough to agree to lie on her behalf and claim responsibility for foiling the attack.

The Duchess pledges the support of Daggerford in presenting a united front against the Cult of the Dragon at the upcoming meeting.

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