Campaign 2 – Episode 17

Original game date: July 14, 2018

After the events of the previous night, the party returned to The Three Kegs to rest and the game resumes there.

Onthar Frume arrives with a conroi of knights and takes up residence at The Three Kegs. He is accompanied by Leosin Erlanthar (Harper monk). Onthaar is frustrated at how long it is taking to arrange the meeting. All they want to do is jaw-jaw! We must wait for this person, or that person.

Improvements to Mutton Lane Yard

Otis Deephammer approaches and says that Mortimer did not want tenants on the yard but with an investment of 500gp he can have carpenters in to renovate and start bringing in some income for Vorai (about 10gp per month). Madge would like 200-300gp for renovations to the Haunch and to promote The Clean Chop in the better parts of the city.

Vorai learns that there is a problem with the water supply, the fountain in the yard used to flow out through channels and flush the filth out of the entire neighbourhood but it has been off for nearly a decade after some issue with the plumbing that the city has never fixed. The entrances to the sewers are sealed with heavy caps and bolts. Otis is pretty sure Bucket could get the cap off if Vorai ever wants to take a look. Use of the X-Ray Vision ring by Ander reveals only dense vegetation in the sewer.

Flaming Fist Request

A representative of Marshall Ulder Ravengard of The Flaming Fist Militia arrives, Shayline, a butch warrior with an abrupt demeanor, though enjoys a good joke. The Flaming Fist want Baldur’s Gate to continue to host the conclave and worry that Waterdeep will steal it away if the city is considered insecure. There are agents of the cult in the city, if they could make an example, at least not be embarrassed… They received a report of The Irregulars defeating some pirates and would like them to follow up further and root them out. There’s also one other link to the Irregulars that came up in their files – at this point she places a bloody sack on the table and reveals the head of a green dragonborn. Our reports indicate you were all also part of a caravan some months back that was attacked leaving the city by a green dragonborn assassin. This is the head of the assassin who tried to kill the Duchess of Daggerford.

They are given a Warrant of Action to call upon assistance from the militia. Also, a letter of presentation to Lady Morwen Daggerford, the Duchess of Daggerford, who was recently attacked in Carnegie House, if they should care to investigate the scene of the crime. They may also want to stop by the Morgue and examine the bodies, just tell Bernard Longfellow that Shayline sent you.

She suggests visiting the Morgue first thing on the morrow before it gets too crowded. You can bring him that (the head). Don’t drop in on the nobility too early in the day, but they are expecting a follow up investigation. I would not keep the Duchess waiting too long. Please remember that you are on the business of the Flaming Fist.

The Morgue

A temple to the Raven Queen, where the city’s dead are cleaned and entered in the Book of the Dead. There is a viewing gallery that you can pay to gain admittance to for an hour to observe. There are many priests and workers present, who wear simple black robes. Ravens in the surrounding trees. Already a small line-up for the viewing gallery when they arrive.

They are greeted by priests who assume they are there for the gallery. They overhear a conversation with someone asking if the Rosencrantz Murder victim is on the menu. The priest declines to answer until a donation is offered and he says he should be up around noon.

The party can present credentials and ask to speak to Bernard Longfellow. Most of the priests are Moon Elves and humans, though some other races are present. Bernard is a Firbolg with a low-key demeanor, who believes that everybody deserves a respectful death. He believes they help shepherd souls on to the afterlife, though perhaps not all of them will enjoy it. Comes, let’s have a look at your cadaver.

It was a quick death for the assassin – two huge blows from a great sword, one to the midsection that penetrated and sliced one lung, and then a decapitating strike. A clean slice. His name was Silas, and he belonged to something called The Emerald Fang.

The other victim was a servant named Senji believed killed by the assassin. A bad headwound was from a childhood injury that apparently left him addle-minded. His throat was slit, and heart stabbed nearly simultaneously. He was probably dead before he realized he was in danger.

When leaving, they spot Barnabas Longshanks and Cadet Janet Jones speaking with Loranin, a Moon Elf priest. They are discussing the Were-Spider attack victims. Strangely, once unwrapped, only one showed any sign of a spider attack. The rest were felled by a combination of conventional weapon wounds, with some signs of magical attacks. One of the assailants carries a Thunder Cannon.

Carnegie House

Arriving at Carnegie House they are admitted and asked to wait for the Duchess of Daggerford. They are introduced to the butler, Sten, who intervened and killed the assassin. A man in his later years, though still hale, it seems unlikely that he could have wielded a blow that could decapitate an opponent and nearly sever him in twain.

Some of the party breaks off to investigate the scene of the crimes. While the assassin was killed in the Duchess’ private chambers, a staff member named Simple Senji was killed at the servant’s door that the assassin is believed to have entered through. Benji is described by the staff as a pleasant young man who was left simple following a childhood accident. He was closest to Mord, another member of the staff.

When Mord is questioned, he appears very nervous and clearly hiding something. He eventually confesses that he was paid to let the assassin in after being approached at a local watering hole (The Rusty Spigot) – however he was afraid and sent Simple Senji, to do it (who was then killed, confirming his fears). Mord is certain that another assassin will come after him and is panicked and waiting an opportunity to flee.

The Duchess of Daggerford
Lady Morwen Daggerford, The Duchess of Daggerford, is a middle-aged woman with a formidable presence; clearly someone used to being obeyed. She is under threat from the Zhentarim back in Daggerford and was reluctant to leave. She believes they are the culprits, not the Dragon Cult, which she does not see as a threat that compares to the Zhentarim. This whole conclave is horrible timing and Onthaar Frume better not be wasting her time.

There is clearly something she is hiding, but she maintains that Sten came to her rescue, grabbed a greatsword from the mantle and successfully intervened to save her life. The party try to convince her of the Cult’s threat, and she allows that if they can prove the Cult’s complicity then she will definitely be ‘on side’ with Onthar Frume at the upcoming meeting.

The Rusty Spigot

Only open in the evening, the Rusty Spigot is a dive bar owned by a dwarf, Arn Hardstock, middle aged and heavily accented, and catering mainly to dwarfs. Several dwarf patrons, drinking and gossiping about tensions between Sundabar and Mithril Hall, dispute over a stolen dowry and accusations of deceit.

Arn paid a dwarf child to follow the Dragonborn, curious to see what he was about, you never know when someone might come by looking for shady characters like that… He was a spry one that green-scale, but my ‘lil Beulah don’t give up a hunt easy. For 10gp he divulges that she followed him to the Silverlark Warehouse on Rum Street down in the Harbor District, takes up the whole of the right side of Rum Street.

The warehouse is observed for the evening, but it lies quiet.

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