Campaign 2 – Episode 15

Original game date: June 2, 2018

After being away for nearly two months and having experienced many travails, the caravan and newly christened party of Fortune’s Irregulars arrives back in Baldur’s Gate. With the support of his friends, Vorai sets his sights on Mortimer Splatz.

A New Beginning

The members of Fortune’s Irregulars complete their work for the Mazmanian Mercantile Company and make their farewells, pledging to continue working together moving forward. They know that when the meeting of the lords of the Sword Coast takes place, they will be asked to provide testimony of what they’ve discovered and receive a retainer fee from the Order of the Gauntlet to pay for their room and board and minor expenses while waiting in Baldur’s Gate. They take up residence in The Three Kegs, one of the finest inns in town.

An Approach is Made

Vorai is approached by Digory, a member of the Bell Street Scuttlers Gang (but really Zhentarim; they each wear blade-point shoes, bell bottoms, and tatty blue scarfs) who shows him his token and mentions Sylla said to say hello. Brings him to The Rooster Tavern that is the gang’s headquarters and buys him a drink. Sylla passed through nine days ago, only stopped by for a quick visit and didn’t say her business but said a Tiefling would be coming back into town, a new recruit who might have need of some muscle. He’s also there to bring Vorai to see ‘the Boss’.

He is brought to a bath house and greeted by Vegaleith, a tall thin and very reserved moon elf, before entering the baths where a large human figure awaits him in the waters. Sylla passed through over a week ago and mentioned that Vorai had business with Mortimer.

Drago Mortain regrets letting the nasty little fucker live after he replaced Mortimer’s former master. Vorai has his consent to make the move, but don’t make a mess of it. Should he be successful then Vorai will receive the deed to Mutton Lane Yard and Drago‘s patronage in the Zhentarim. Show me what Sylla sees in you and we can have a long and fruitful relationship…

Ander’s Ghosts

Ander is set upon by a bevy of astral projections from the Star Chamber, all a flutter that they must know exactly all he knows so that they can prepare their Lord’s for the upcoming meeting. They have not accounted for the fact that he has no means to communicate with him and are temporarily flummoxed.

We are simply used to knowing things, not being told things… Most inconvenient.

Ander again spots a small girl among the astral projections, ignored by the others but playing with his familar Chaos.

Ander is ordered to go and see Thaddeus Greymane who will set him up with some means of communication.

Thaddeus provides a magic quill and parchment they can use to exchange messages and arrange a time each evening where they might ‘converse’ if needed.

Scouting the Yard

Mortimer Splatz resides in a compound off of Mutton Lane (Mutton Lane Yard). His office is above The Bloody Haunch, a tavern next to a butcher’s shop (The Clean Chop).

The tavern is run by Madge Tunwell, a long-suffering older woman who silently resents the gang that has moved in to her establishment. The Haunch was owned by her father and currently run by her cousin Lars, an evil bastard who’s not beyond disposing of bodies for Splatz.

Across the way is a pawn shop (Gold Crown Brokerage) run by a dwarf named Otis Deephammer. A rusty beat-up Iron Golem (Bucket) stands next to the door, weeds sprouting from various joints. It was through Otis’s friend, a fence named Cerro Blake, that Vorai first learned of Mortimer‘s involvement with the Zhentarim.

There is an old abandoned warehouse along one side, that is mostly vacant but the part closest to The Clean Chop is used as a stables and storage.

There are several vacant residences around the cul-de-sac, including the two that overlook the entry to the yard, where guards are posted (three Bandits in each).

One residence has been turned into a small whorehouse with four girls (Madame Evie, Bess, Noora and Capri).

The Bloody Haunch contains 3 Thugs, 10 Bandits. Upstairs, Mortimer is attended by his wizard assistant Nadel, a Mage and a small gang of his most favoured hirelings, including a Tabaxi monk named Scratch on Wood.

Planning the Attack

Vorai recruits the assistance of The Bell Street Scuttlers to increase their numbers. Most of them will go in over the rooftops with the Irregulars, while others will bottle up the entrance to the yard and prevent any escapes.

Aesar will turn invisible and attempt to sneak in and warn Madge Tunwell of the coming attack so she can get to safety.

The party watch and follow Nadel when he leaves and visits the Golden Arms Bank. They are spotted and Nadel manages to elude capture, though he sees little of the party.

The Menagerie District – Clocks, Locks & Sundry

Aesar makes contact with Winrick Doublelock, a venerable gnome, one of the first Artificers. We almost went with Technomancers or Animancers, but I’ve always been fond of the simple Artificer.

He shows Aesar his original firearm, a simple six-shooter but revolutionary for its time!

To be honest, he kind of lost his fascination with firearms after seeing the damage they could reap (and mainly because his beloved Annabella insisted – he shows off a huge collection of prints of his wife, children and many grandchildren). He prefers more mundane creations these days.

He does have a collection of magic bullets. Cold (+2d4 cold), Flame (+2d4 fire), Shock (+2d4 electric) at 50gp each, Spell Imbued (Minor – 1st to 3rd level) at 100gp.

He also sells Aesar a book that instructs how to craft magic bullets.

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